Markets & Applications

The success of a product innovation depends on what happens in the planning and development phase. Here, customers of Cicor benefit from our extensive development skills. Our experienced engineers will work with you in partnership to develop optimum technical and commercial solutions that minimize the time between product development and placement on the market while maximizing market impact.




Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The Cicor Group puts all experience in the manufacturing of reliable rigid-flex multilayer printed circuit boards that enable people to live better with more serenity. Manufacturing a PCB used as pacemaker implanted in the human body needs highest quality standards.


  • Manufacturing of rigid, rigid-flex and flexible multilayer PCBs
  • Quality standards IPC-A 600 Class 3 + specific customer criteria for medical implantable units
  • Reliability testing, e.g. IST test, temperature cycling, HAST tests and others

Retinal implant


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

A retinal implant helps to restore vision in people who have gone blind. Cicor AMS manufactures flexible thin-film substrates, which are implanted directly into the human eye.

  • Flexible, multilayer thin-film substrate made of polyimide
  • High flexibility of the material
  • Contacts by Filled Via
  • Wire bond connections
  • Micro-assembly on the flexible substrate
  • Lines / spaces up to 5 µm / 5 µm   
  • Biocompatible metallization Ti, Au, P

Hearing aid

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The 4-layer PCB for hearing aids is convincing in terms of functionality, stability, reliability, quality, safety and not least in terms of miniaturization. It resists the highest loads, is very flexible and can be used reliably - even with large amounts of data. Due to its high development expertise and support throughout the product life cycle Cicor guarantees optimal end customer support - from the idea, to prototype, to high-volume production.

  • Flexible multilayer PCB based on ultrathin polyimide
  • Fit-to-design thanks to precise miniaturization
  • Laser direct imaging and photolithography
  • Electrical and optical testing
  • No interferences
  • High bandwidth for data transfer

Breathing gas sensor


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor manufactures breathing gas sensor for artificial respiration systems in the medical sector, e.g. for use in ambulances and for emergency situations in hospitals. Working closely with its customers, Cicor develops and produces solutions that meet the highest standards.

  • Breathing gas sensor submodule assembly
  • 12 μm platium wirebonds

Eye pressure sensor

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

For the early detection and treatment of glaucoma Cicor manufactures a smart contact lens and brings the persons concerned back some quality of life. The lens measures the eye pressure for long periods as an implant or for a short period as sensor in the contact lens.

  • Flexible thin film substrate on Polyimide
  • Microassembly
  • Development of new fabrication methods

Intraocular pressure sensor implant

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

The intraocular pressure sensor implant will be used in opthalmology, in particular for glaucoma patients. A novel, implantable extraocular sensor that can measure intraocular pressure for 24 hours, the implant is fitted together with an artificial eye lens used to treat cataracts (lenticular opacity).

  • Flexible, polyimide-based thin-film substrate
  • Biocompatible materials
  • Joint new product development
  • Near-zero fault tolerance
  • Complex microassembly


CERN LHCb experiment


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Tiny atomic particles are investigated at LHCb Experiment (Large Hadron Collider Beauty Experiment) at the world's largest particle accelerator at CERN. We are producing several sensor modules using highly sophisticated microassembly technology.

  • Manufacturing of LHCb Silicon Tracker Module and TT Hybrid
  • AlN thick film carrier
  • Thin film substrates with min. lines and spaces 12 μm
  • SMD assembly
  • Die Attach
  • 800 3D wire bonding connections staggered in 4 rows, pitch 40 μm

Control unit for energy sector

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor develops and manufactures security-critical electronic control and regulation systems for energy supply companies according to certified standards. Additionally, tests and qualification are carried out in-house.

  • Ceramic thick film substrate with integrated and trimmed resistors
  • Thick wire bonding
  • Die & component assembly
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Module qualification

Camera sensors

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

We are producing cameras for industrial applications, e.g. machine control and robot/machine monitoring. The sophisticated camera modules consist of highly sensitive sensors made of thick film substrates with precise microassembly.  

  • Line scan camera with CMOS sensor
  • Thick film multilayer substrate
  • Die attach
  • Wire bonding
  • Dust cover
  • SMD assembly (01005)

Watches & Consumers


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

In the quartz watch industry the PCB plays a major role. It is one of the main parts of the electronic module which supports all the electronic components. The role of the electronic module is to give the impulse to the motor of the watch.

Since 1981 Cicor supplies all the major watch manufacturers with many millions of pieces produced every year.

  • Single and double sided PCBs
  • Base material epoxy G10, FR4 / green, blue, red, black and neutral
  • Thickness 100 µm - 2.0 mm
  • Pitch of 160 µm (tracks and space)
  • Plating Cu / N i / Au
  • Conformask solder mask 2515 and 2523
  • Prototypes 1 week
  • High-volume production 2 weeks


40GB high speed network

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor is producing the send/receive modules for high speed networks for transmitting data at up to 40 GB through the internet backbone.

  • Ceramic thin film substrate (AlN)
  • SMD assembly
  • Flip chip assembly (225 μm pitch)
  • Die Attach
  • Heat sink
  • RF-connectors

10GB high speed networks

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor produces the receive modules for high speed networks for transmitting data at up to 10 GB through the internet backbone.

  • Ceramic thin film substrate (Al2O3)
  • Flexible thin film substrate
  • SMD assembly
  • Die-Attach
  • More than 300 wire bond connections
  • Heat sinks

Automotive & Transport


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

In the Automotive sector reliability and quality are key factors for products’ safety. For current manufacturers Cicor produces thermal initiator in high volumes with an SPC controlled resistance used for firing airbag. With this technology we provide an outstanding solution for this industry.

  • Expertise during product development
  • Precision etching (on Nickel Chromium)
  • Realization of calibrated resistance
  • Production of volumes up to 100 million parts/year
  • 100% vision and electrical Kelvin tests
  • Automotive quality standards
  • Competitive prices

Aerospace & Defence

High end avionics

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

In the commercial and defence avionics sector reliability is one of the key factors. Customers' requirements in the aircraft power management, navigation, control and cabin equipment lead into light weight, complex, nearly indestructible solutions. Based on highest test and manufacturing standards Cicor continuously proofs the solid precision and traceability meeting the sophisticated needs of different players within the supply chain.

  • Rigid multilayer PCB
  • Base material combinations (Rogers 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000er series combined with High-TG-FR4), Polyimide, CIC.
  • HF-solutions, cavities, edge metal plating
  • Heat discipation solutions
  • Fineline structures below 100 micron
  • High complexity, e.g. 5 lamination cycles, HDI-technology
  • Manufacturing according to Avionics and MIL standards

Digital magnetic compass


Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor manufactures a 3D digital magnetic compass used in combination with laser range-finders to determine coordinates, e.g. in binoculars.

  • Ceramic thick film substrate
  • FR 4 Board assembly with SMD components
  • Sensor mounting
  • Special housing
  • High precision assembly, accuracy Azimuth ± 0,5° bank and elevation ± 0,2°

T/R modules

Advanced Microelectronics & Substrates

Cicor manufactures thin film substrates, including assembly of special components and the hermetically sealed frame for transmitter/receiver modules for air and ground-based radar systems in military aviation.

  • Ceramic thin film substrate combined with thick film
  • Application in Phased Array Radars Systems (electronically scanable)
  • Transmitter and Receiver on one substrate
  • Solid filled via technology, thermal management
  • Frame soldering
  • Solder ball attach