The increasing demand for innovative products and applications in various markets constantly presents us with major challenges. In the automobile industry, ever more electronics are used in cars. In the medical electronic technology field, requirements for ever-smaller applications are increasingly demanding. Industry applications are becoming more complex, challenging and must meet the most stringent safety criteria while using the least amount of space. We now find fields for the application of 3D-MID technology in all markets and industries. Together, we can turn your ideas into sophisticated and compelling products and solutions.

3D-MID technology

3D-MID (Molded Interconnect Devices) technology makes it possible to integrate mechanical and electronic functions within one component in the smallest of spaces. It integrates the electronic circuit into the casing, which means that the compact design and functional density can be significantly enhanced. With injection molded interconnects, the process stages, assembly times and number of components can be reduced.

New possibilities for your products

  • Great freedom of configuration
  • Miniaturization and weight reduction
  • Integration of various functionalities 3D conductor track structures, aerials, switches, connectors and sensor systems
  • Materials savings
  • Reduced assembly times
  • Fewer process stages
  • Increased efficiency

Development of customized solutions

Cicor accompanies you from the initial idea, to prototyping and industrialization to series production. Our qualified development engineers work hand-in-hand with production. Thanks to this cooperation, there is an intensive exchange of know-how and technology. Our many years of experience in material handling across the entire supply chain in electronics, toolmaking and plastic injection molding mean that we can offer comprehensive know-how from a single source.

From idea to production

  • Analysis of the idea and feasibility
  • Compiling the electronic, mechanic and logistic requirements


  • Mechanics
  • Electronics hardware
  • Software

Layout and construction

  • Mechanics construction
  • Solidworks/VariCAD
  • Layout in 3D space
  • Nextra 3D-MID/Mentor
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Testing
  • Design for Traceability
  • Combination of other materials such as: plastics, metals, ceramics, glass


  • 3D prototyping (mechanical, mechatronic functional model)
  • Pre-series prototypes

NPI / production

  • Injection molding
  • Laser activation
  • Metallization
  • Assembly
  • Final testing
  • Industrialization

Certification / standards

  • Development and production process certified in accordance with:
    • ISO 9001 Quality management systems
    • ISO 13485 Medical devices
    • ISO/TS 16949 Automotive